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Congrats, friend! You’ve come to the wedding planning process where it’s time to start looking for your wedding photographer and/or wedding videographer. At this point, you may have already chosen your wedding venue, hired your wedding planner, and maybe checked off a few other things on your ever-growing to-do list.


When it comes to your wedding - photography and videography is a HUGE decision. We get it. These will be the keepsakes that last forever, long after the wedding cake is eaten and the last song on the dance floor is played. You want to choose the right team and we'd love to be that for you.

Do you feel it?

Our goal as you browse through our work is not just for you to say, “Oh, these are pretty photos.” We want you to FEEL something. Like you were there. Like you know the people. Like you experienced the day.

When it comes to your own photos + video, you don’t simply want us to capture what it looked like, but what it felt like. You want to relive the day. We capture wedding moments in all their honest feelings + emotion.

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Why Photo + Video?

Wedding photography is a no-brainer. Wedding videography is often overlooked. These elements are both so different yet so equal. Photography encompasses the freeze-frame moments you can hang in your home, put in albums, and pass down. Videography is the closest you’ll get to actually reliving the day through your love songs, your vows, and heartfelt words that photos just aren’t able to bring back to life.

You remember weddings through photos. You relive weddings through video.

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Not your average videographer

You may have noticed, we don’t fit the mold of your typical wedding videographer. We handcraft our films to uniquely fit the personality of our couples and the vibe of their day.

If you want a sappy, every-shot-in-slow-motion kind of film, you may want to look elsewhere. While we’re all about romantics and emotion, that tends to look a little different for Wild Soul couples. What exactly does that mean?

Watch a couple of our films and find out!

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I aspire to be an old man with an old wife laughing at old jokes from a wild youth. -Atticus

Not sure that photos AND video are in the budget?

We believe every couple deserves to have both – this is why we have multiple packages + options to choose from, customized to fit various budgets. Reach out and we’ll help you with the perfect fit.

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