Hey you!
We’re Cheree + Bryan 

We’d love to meet you!

Until then, here’s a bit about us…

Destinations are kinda our thing.

We’ll travel anywhere near or far.

We love experiencing new places, people and things. We’re adventurous, flexible, and willing to do whatever it takes to capture the story – your story – the way you want it told. We love creating art through weddings, adventure, and marketing, anywhere the world takes you.

Anniversary Tradition

Each year to celebrate our anniversary, we get back in our original wedding attire and do a photo session, somewhere in our travels! We were married in North Carolina, and though we started this tradition close to home, here is where our wedding attire has ventured!

  • Mobile, AL
  • New York City, NY
  • New Orleans, LA
  • Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Lisbon, Portugal
  • Tulum, Mexico
  • Banff, Canada

Our Love Story

Cheree grew up in a small North Carolina town and Bryan grew up in south Florida. On April 30, 2011, they met on a Saturday night in Mobile, AL, where they had both recently moved. Cheree had gone to hear her brother play in a local band and when Bryan walked in, he says he knew exactly where he was going to sit. Unbeknownst to him, Cheree had already spotted him in the crowd! He did indeed sit beside her that night and they ended up striking up a conversation that led to hours of talking – and maybe a little dancing. When they said goodbye, Cheree – like any normal girl would do – went home and looked him up on Facebook, only to see that he had a girlfriend! Or so she thought. Bryan soon explained that they had been in a long distance relationship that was not working out, so he quickly let Cheree know that he was, in fact, available. After that, they became inseparable and were married 18 months later!

Fun stuff about Bryan

  Served in the US Navy

 Never turns down a good fishing trip

 Can easily spend hours at any given historical site

  Plans to one day own a sailboat and sail to exotic places

Fun stuff about Cheree

 Used to have a pet pig (and plans to have another someday!)

 Is a die hard DUKE basketball fan

 Came close to getting a Theatre degree before switching to Video Broadcasting

 Loves to journal and write music

Meet Jireh!

In December 2021, we welcomed this sweet babe into our lives. He was a complete surprise, but what a fun one! He’s proven to fit right into our fam by being the best little traveler, visiting 8 states with us in his first 3 months. There’s so much life in this little guy and he has our whole hearts!

Meet Roman!

Roman is an American pit bull terrier that we rescued from a local shelter in 2017. He’s a big ol’ baby who thinks he is a lapdog!

He’s full of life and energy, is always smiling and absolutely LOVES meeting new friends.


Q. Why should I invest in a wedding film? So many couples tell us that the investment made on their film was by far the best money they spent for their entire wedding. More than the flowers, the cake, sometimes even the dress! Your wedding is a once in a lifetime experience and after months of planning, it’s over before you know it. Your wedding film takes you back in an instant and allows you to relive the day again, over and over, for years to come. It’s also a great keepsake to share with future generations!

Q. What is your style of shooting? Artsy. Documentary. Creative. Intentional. FUN! Our goal is to capture the beauty and emotion of your wedding day through cinematic storytelling and artful photography. We’re laid back and unobtrusive, capturing moments as naturally as possible. There will only be a couple times throughout the day where we give some direction, but for the most part, we are simply there to document your big day.

Q. What type of cameras and equipment do you use? We currently shoot with  Sony a7iii camera bodies. We have a variety of stabilizers and more than a couple drones. We are often faced with low light situations  so we always come prepared with both extra video lights. As for resolution, most everything is in 1080p HD or 2.7k.

 Q. How far in advance should I book? While there is no specific cut off date, we typically book weddings 9-12 months in advance. Most popular dates fill up fast, so we encourage you to keep this in mind when making your decision to book.

Q. How many shooters will be at my wedding? Each package is guaranteed one photographer/one videographer. If we’re both available, we’ll both be there! Additional shooters are available to add on to any package.

Q. What is the advantage to adding a 2nd shooter to my package? While we are more than capable of capturing a wedding with one shooter, there are a few great perks to having a 2nd! With two of us there, we are more likely to get drone footage, more likely to get the groom’s reaction to the bride walking down the aisle, there are more camera angles for the important moments, and we can capture more reaction shots from family and friends when those important moments happen.

Q. How do you choose the music for my wedding film? By law, we are required to use licensed music for any video that we create. Unfortunately, most mainstream music you hear on the radio is not available to license. However, we have multiple resources online that offer thousands of songs where filmmakers can purchase the licenses to use for their videos. We always choose the music after the wedding so that we can hand pick a song that we feel best reflects your day and you both as a couple.